About Me

Hi and thank you for taking the time to consider me to capture your little one's precious little moments.  My name is Natasha and I am the face behind the camera at Precious Moments Photography by Natasha Samaroo.  I have been photographing newborns and children since 2014, developing a love for specializing in child and newborn photography after having my own children.  Who doesn't love beautiful images of their little one's?  However, my love for the camera started long before 2014.  I was "that kid"in highschool, you know the one who always had a camera (long before we had the convenience of cellphones with cameras).  I loved documenting every moment and capturing all the details.  It was no wonder I became the Yearbook Editor and a future photographer.  

But why specialize in newborn, baby and family photography you might ask.  As a mom of two (soon to be three), I can truly say time doesn't stand still.  Babies and children grow so quickly.  I love looking back at photos of my children, preserving the memory of how tiny they were.  I now also experience that through my clients, comparing their newborn pictures to their updated ones.  

I choose the region of Peel as my home and main client base because this is actually where I was born, at Peel Memorial Hospital.  I spent my teenage years in Brampton and have made efforts to give back to the community voluntarily photographing the "Ambikare event" on behalf of sick kids hospital and the Santa photos at a local school this past year.   

In addition to my life as a mom and photographer, I am also a dental hygienist which is something I am equally passionate about.  I have been working towards making smiles beautiful since 2007.  After all a smile can light up any cloudy day.  However, photography fulfilled my longing for creativity and the best part is the most fulfilling, clients seeing their images for the first time and appreciating the heart and energy put into making them what they are.

Now that you know a little about me and my family, I hope I get the opportunity to meet yours.

***Photo Credit, the wonderful Lisa Nelly Photography of Mission, BC